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We hereby state that in our description of our 3D STAR & 3D FLEX on (before April 17th 2017) had some information that have been misleading and not accurate. This has been corrected and all information on is now 100% accurate. Our boats has been checked by IODA and they are class legal. We still claim, however, that we build the best optimist and that we are the world leading optimist builder with the aim of building the most winning boat. We feel that we have accomplished that pretty well with the introduction of the 3D STAR and latest the 3D FLEX.

Winner is the most popular Optimist in the world, sailed by more World Champions and more beginners than any other Optimist. The secret to our success, from top to bottom, is quality. For us, it's a happy coincidence that the strength we build into our boats translates equally to better performance and greater durability.

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3D Star

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3D Star Flex

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