When buying a Winner Optimist you get a refined sport implement, built within the tolerance of the class rules, the intention to attain the best possible competition effect. Please handle your dinghy with extra care as it is constructed with competition in view and this does not stand the same kind of handling as an ordinary dinghy. To get the optimal pleasure of your dinghy, kindly note the following advises regarding the handling. Failure of correct handling will affect the performance of the boat and perhaps cause permanent damages and defects for which we are not responsible.

Please  Observe the following:

To be stored frost – proof.
Take care that the bottom is not put under spot pressure.
Do not cover with PVC cover, plastic or similar, which does not permit water diffusion.

Do not grind on gel-coat layer.
Any major reparation of the boat - which involves grinding and remodelling – is only to be carried out by Winner or the guarantee repeals.

Only polish by hand using approved boat wax.
In case of damages and fractures of the gel-coat layer, the fibreglass lamination must be prevented from absorbing water.
Do not expose the boat to high heating stresses.
Clean, polish and wax the boat at least once a year.

Always use a lifejacket and only sail under supervision of fully qualified adults.


Wash your boat with fresh water after use.
Stored in a dry place.
Do not over-inflate the airbags – they may burst in the sun + take out some air in your airbags, transporting your Optimist in the Alpes, or they might burst! (explode)

Lifting your Optimist

Empty the boat for water and equipment.
Lift only your boat by the outer gunwale.
Stored on a padded surface.

Transporting your Optimist

Make sure that the roof-racks are securely mounted on the car.
Transport your Optimist upside down. And best with a top and bottom cover – which protects the boat from dirt, stone throw and saves fuel!
Do not tie the Optimist too tight to the roof racks – small cracks in the gel coat could accour.
Check the height of garage before parking your car with the boat on top of it ☺
If you follow these instructions you should be sure to enjoy your Winner optimist for many years.
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