The foundation for the superior craftsmanship Winner Optimist put forward today was underway in the sixties.

Founded in 1965, as Winner Boats, following the decision by Mr. Henning Wind to end coorperation with his partner in order to fulfil a desire to make the production and development of superior Europe and Optimist dinghies in high quality fibreglass the centre of attention.

A few years later, unfortunately, fire erupted at the original plant at the harbour in Faaborg and consequently the entire production had to be relocated to an entirely new plant at Krogsbjergvej.

Over the years the Winner plant has steadily been expanded with offices area and more space for production and storage. This means that the plant nowadays have evolved into the biggest and most modern production facility for Optimist construction in fibreglass.
During the 70's and 80's the Winner Optimist dinghy was continuously developed and improved through the different marks - each new model improving on the previous marks.

In 1990 the production of Europe-class dinghies was relocated to our sisiter company in Spain. This led to the entire production at Krogsbjergvej being dedicated to the supreme quality Optimists that is manufactured today. Winner Optimist therefore has 40 years of experience with the building and development of Optimists.

Are you among the best sailors in your country / Are you a WINNER?

Well, then the TEAM WINNER might be for you.

Each year we choose a small group (3 sailors) of sailors among the very best sailors in many countries. We choose this small group in close coorperation
with the head coach and our dealer in your country. We then provide the chosen sailors with close support, option to join several clinics a year,
trainer support, Winner gear etc.

Contact your local Winner Optimist dealer to hear if there are plans for a TEAM WINNER in your country!

Makes you a WINNER!
WINNER has for many years supported the Optimist Sport by training camps and regattas all over the world and this year we take it to the next level.
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