Special Edition

When you order a new Winner optimist you can make it more personal if you like.

We can mention among others;
  • Harken or Ronstan blocks
  • Winner long or short hiking straps
  • Zhik hiking straps
  • Coloured gunwale, midshipsection, waterline
  • Different air-bags
  • Special mainsheet
  • Non-slip in different colours
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Colour Map

This map shows our standard colours

Standard boats in 2017

IMG 0791lille 

DenMark 3D STAR

White hull outside with: Light grey inside, white gunwale, white centerboard case

IMG 0767lille

DenMark RACE

White hull outside and inside, light grey gunwale and
centerboard case.

IMG 0862lille

DenMark 3D FLEX

White hull outside with: white hull inside, white gunwale, white centerboard case

    Ti Grey (90443)
    Rose (20831)
    Black (9000)
    SkyBlue (7008)
    Orange (3001)
    DarkBlue (7006)
    Red (2006)
    Lime (NCS S 0565-g50y)
    Light Grey (8003)
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